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“So far MAD has funded over 300 community Projects, including the building of 128 classrooms, 80 toilet blocks and pit latrines, 1 HIV clinic, 100 sinks and wash stations, 8 family houses, 20 fishing boats, 13 Water tanks for schools, 8 playgrounds, 5 bridges, 5 storm-drains, 2 bakeries and a fish farm. We’ve also planted over 25,000 trees, dug and laid 25 miles of water pipeline, taught 85,000 lessons, coached 63,000 sports sessions, renovated 6 homes for street kids…and we’re still counting…”
Chief Torgbui Mottey I
You could even see you and your team volunteering overseas at one of our Project sites!
You can achieve this via a win-win partnership with the MAD Foundation and our social enterprise Madventurer which has taken over 7000 volunteers overseas to work on over 300 community projects in 15 countries since 1998.

Our Development Projects and Partner Communities

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